Lost peoples area 2003

  1. Come what may
  2. Do me
  3. Skin to skin
  4. I found life
  5. Deep waters
  6. Budda is a girl
  7. Ain’t it just the way
  8. The end
  9. This rain
  10. Lost peoples area
  11. Oops
  12. Let it be mine
  1. Come what may

text saknas

2. Do me

It could be in the street

It could be in a bar

It could be in whatever car

It could be on a beach

It could be in the hall

It could be on the kitchen floor

It could be fast or slow

It could be beyond or below


It could be under trees

It could be in space

It could be in velvet lace

In black leather and boots

In a Gucci suit

It could be soft it could be hard

Secrets in the dark

It could be on a Sunday walk in the park


When I go

Do me the way you do me the way you do me the way you do me

The way you do


It could be when I’m angry

It could be when I’m hungry

It could be through the saddest tears

I could be sleeping

Wake up and believing that I’m a

Reborn Marquis de Sade

Or it could be because of love

But that’s not the only thing I’m thinking


Whatever faith you have

Whatever color of skin

Whatever sex you prefer

Whatever message you bring

You have to

Accept love

3. Skin to skin

As I wake up and take my earplugs out the humhum noise starts

I go out in the kitchen

I see my neighbor watching

As I stand naked trying to read the morning paper

And I just wanna scream

It’s the same news as yesterday


I try to cheer up

And I already long fort the night

When my baby comes back home

The only thing that keeps me strong

Is skin to skin



On the radio it’s music for the young and I feel old

Commercial breaks and I feel poor

The daily docu star is telling me he is allergic to fish

I really want to know


The morning TV chef is turning a small rabbit into stew

Testing bordeaux wines at eight and I just wanna puke

Then 60 seconds ‘bout the war in the Middle East

Where is the beauty

I know I can see the beast

4. I found life

text saknas

5. Deep waters

text saknas

6. Buddha is a girl

We find it easier to hang on

And do wrong

In the name of religion


We find it easier to accept

Though we’re left

With dead white pigeons


And in the ruins we’re teaching our children to walk

Picking up bricks from the wall

And throwing the future into a big black hole


What if I was to tell you Buddha was a girl

What if I was to tell you Jesus never left the earth

What if I was to tell you Muhammad is sad and cries

What if I was to show you heaven is within our minds


We find it natural to feel hate

And that our fate

Is to have no future


And in these ruins we’re teaching our children to speak

Showing contempt for the weak

But still being led as credulous cheep


What if the sky was a roof

What if we suddenly needed proof

Of faith

What if man and woman is all

Too many years

Too many wasted in war


7. Aint it just the way

text saknas

8. The end

text saknas

9. This rain

California dream

That ain’t no dream of mine

Sun shines throughout the years

This rain

Is for washing

This rain ain’t no tears

This rain is for healing

This rain

Is gonna make me free

If these darkened skies

Is what is left to have

I hope this heart of mine

Will show me how to fly

I’m supposed to break down

I’m sorry if I don’t

I was already in pieces

But this rain is gonna make me whole

10. Lost peoples area

You’re standing

At the crossroads

Lingering leaf in the wind

Hoping for a gust or

A guiding light within

Know you’re looking for a twin soul

And the lost peoples areas gone

You just have to follow the sound


We are the


To light up your darkened room

We’re the saints of joy

Making autumn bloom

We’re roses in the shade

The unknown desert rail

The future is as far as yesterday

C’mon seize the day


When you’re standing at the crossroads

And angels starts to sing

It isn’t heaven calling

It’s your buddaboy within

Telling you the strongest

Is the one who is afraid but still

Dares to try

Though she might fail



We are the


A line between night and bright day

We are the saints of joy

And when you hear us play yea

It’s like flowers of June

In midwinter bloom

Cause the future is as far as yesterday

We seize the day



And when my voice gets older

And my beauty might start to fade

Remember the rose in the shade


Look for that

Saint if joy

To light up your darkened room

A saint of joy

Who will make autumn bloom

A rose in the shade

The unknown desert rail

The future is as far as yesterday

Seize the day

11. Oops

I’m just an accessories to the

Grey male suit of the world

Wish I could transform myself

To what they treat me like

A living turd



Didn’t mean to say that


Didn’t mean to do that


Didn’t mean to be so


Outrageously cool


Who can I fool

I’m a little girl

Better shape up

As a little girl

Lower my voice

As a little girl

Lay on my back

As a little girl

Then life will be easy


Be good


Be good


I’m riding the silicon highway

To get acceptance for something

Replacing my brain with a butt

I know you will call

When I’m done


12. Let it be mine

Whatever we lost


A scent

A feeling

A sound

Whatever we lost

If it was

It could be found

Somehow it will rebound


As in a dream

We’re crossing this cold ruff sea

On a frail love beam

‘Cause we believe


Let it be mine

Let that feeling be mine


Whatever we lost

It made love and good things grow

Whatever we lost

It was like fire under snow

A belief in heaven above and below


For many not a few

For all not only you

Together not alone

We’re rolling the stones


Let it be mine